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Mindful meditation, mental health and wellbeing training for individuals, organisations and businesses

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Hello, I’m Wendy and I am the creator of Llama Wellbeing. I am a mindful meditation teacher, mental health and wellbeing trainer. I am based in the beautiful countryside between the stunning cities of Bristol and Bath, here in the UK.


I want to share how amazing mindful meditation is and the difference it can bring to your life, to help you find a little bit of peace within yourself each day.

I spend my time running mindful meditation sessions at my home, classes within the local community and workshops for businesses and organisations.  I also deliver mindfulness sessions, mental health and wellbeing training both through Llama Wellbeing and in conjunction with Bristol Mind.

Mindful meditation can help everyone; you don’t need any equipment and you can practice it anywhere. There’s no sitting around on a cushion chanting (unless you want to!). It’s about taking time for yourself, to breathe, to focus within and to ‘just be’ for a few minutes each day, finding those special moments that you can call your very own. What’s not to love….

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Who I work with

I work regularly with Bristol Mind delivering mindful meditation, mental health and wellbeing training.

I was so excited to be part of the The Yoga Camp Out talking about kindness and loving kindness meditation.

I also collaborate with other training companies and organisations to deliver bespoke mindful meditation and wellbeing sessions.

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About me

As a small child I was always sensitive and quiet, an observer of the world. I wanted to suss things out and take time to reflect and understand what was going on around me. I loved nature and animals, a joy born from family holidays every year to the Welsh mountains and countryside. I was anxious and withdrawn, always on the side lines rather than actively participating.

In the past 10 years I have been through many life changes; including the death of both my parents. I began meditating to help manage my anxiety and became a self-help junkie, reading blogs, websites and books in my quest to finally “feel comfortable in my own skin”.

A few years ago, I had a spectacular anxiety episode that left me unable to work or even get out of bed. I realised then that perhaps I couldn’t ‘fix’ myself without making radical changes to my life. I moved to the beautiful countryside near Bath, feeling the peace and tranquillity around me, I began to hear the quiet whisper within telling me to live a different way. I removed alcohol from my life and decided to train as a meditation teacher.  My daily meditation practice has seen me grow and uncurl from a dark place of depression, hurt and anxiety to a place of acceptance, growth and learning.

Through this learning I realised that I could no longer continue in my corporate job; leaving in 2018 to pursue meditation teaching and working part-time for a charity.

Life still has its ups and downs but I am able to meet these challenges with a new-found inner resilience. Mindful meditation allows me to stay in the now, accept what is here and formulate a strategy to live the best way I can.

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Individual sessions tailored just for you. For total beginners to the more experienced. Come and learn in a private and relaxed space.

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Mindful meditation, mental health and wellbeing sessions or workshops for your workplace, A great way to enhance the wellbeing of your staff and make the work environment a happier and more peaceful space.

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Founder of Llama Wellbeing

Mindful meditation, mental health and wellbeing practitioner.

Accredited meditation teacher through British School of Meditation.

Enhanced DBS certificate.

​Adult Mental Health First Aider (MHFA England)

Fully insured

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Zen Master

The ultimate teacher of how to live in the moment.

Expert at loving kindness meditation and sleeping.

"I have lived with many Zen masters...all of them cats"

                                 - Eckhart Tolle

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"Let go or be dragged"

Zen proverb

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