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Mindful meditation, mental health and wellbeing sessions or workshops for your workplace. A great way to enhance the wellbeing of your staff and make the work environment a happier and more peaceful place.

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Mindful meditation

The sessions are informal and involve a PowerPoint slides and talk, interspersed with mindfulness meditation exercises so everyone gets some practical experience and learning that they can then use at home or at work.

This is what I usually cover:

  • Understanding what mindfulness is and isn’t

  • Difference between mindfulness and meditation

  • The key principles to a mindful approach

  • The science bit

  • The habit of thinking

  • The relationship between mindfulness, focus and creativity at work and in life

  • Mindfulness; finding calm in a frantic world; resources for further learning

All sessions can be tailored to your needs or requirements.

Corporate talks and sessions: Text
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