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Have you noticed that wellbeing is a bit of a buzzword everywhere at the moment?

Definitions usually include the words comfortable, happy, healthy, content and successful. But do these words define what true wellbeing really is?

What truly makes us feel happy as a human being?

My quest has always to feel comfortable in my own skin instead of feeling I 'should' be what is expected or acceptable to others. What I essentially seek is contentment.

Wikipedia states "Contentment is a mental or emotional state of satisfaction, maybe drawn from being at ease in one's own situation, body and mind."

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Session 3 - Body scan meditation

The body scan is one of the most relaxing meditations to do and is great for relaxing you ready for sleep.

Session 1 - What is mindfulness?

Learn all about what mindfulness is and isn't! Learn a simple breathing technique to switch off and press that reset button.

Resilience, what it means to me

To me, resilience is accepting what is happening and accepting this is how I feel in this moment. Acceptance is not the same as resignation.

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